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ific survey on Nanhai Zhudao and in the South China Sea.33. I▓n August 1951, Foreign Minister Zhou Enlai, in his Statement on the United States-British Draft Peace Treaty with Japan and the San Francisco Conference, pointed out that “as a matter of fact, just

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Sha Islands (the Paracel Islands) and Nan Wei Island (Spratly Island) have

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ng the war of aggression waged by Japanese imperialism, they were all taken o▓ver by the then Chinese Government, followi

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ng Japan’s surrender▓”, “Whether or not the United States-British Draft Treaty contains provisions on t▓his subject and no matter how these provisions are worded, the inviolable sov▓ereignty of the People’s Republic of China over Nan Wei Island (Spratly Island) and Si Sha Islands (the Paracel Islands) will not be in any way affected.&rd▓quo;34. In September 1958, China promulgate

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d the Declaration of the Government of the▓ People’s Republic of China on China’s ▓Territorial Sea, explicitly providing that the breadth of China’s territorial sea shall be twelve nautical miles, that the straight baselines method shall be employed to determine the baselines of territorial sea and tha▓t such provisions shall apply to all territories of the People&rsq▓uo;s Republic o

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o Li (Regulations on

f China, including “Dongsha Qundao, Xisha Qundao, Zhongsha Qundao, Nansha Q▓undao and all the other islands belonging to China”.35. In March 1959, th▓e Chinese government set up, on Yongxing Dao of Xisha Qundao, the Office of Xisha Qunda▓o, Nansha Qundao and Zhongsha Qundao. In March 1969, the Office was renamed the Revolutionary Committee of Xisha Qundao, Zhongsha Qundao ▓and Nansha Qundao

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relevant maritime areas, among oth▓er

 Hainan Special District.32. Since its founding on 1 October 1949, the People&rsqu o;s Republic of Ch ina has repeatedly rei terated and fu r▓ther upheld its sovereignty over Nanhai Zhudao and relevant rig hts and interest s in the Sou th China S ea by meas ures such as ado pting legisl ations, esta blishing a dministr▓at 浮梁县wap 会昌县5G 介休市5G 汤原县wap 上虞市5G 禹城市wap 丹阳市5G 博兴县wap 乌兰察布市wap 三门县wap 岢岚县wap 华安县5G 阿坝县wap 邵东县wap 辽阳县5G 晋城市wap 常德市wap 武定县wap 湘西土家族苗族自治州5G 潮州市wap 传奇私服发布网 传奇私服服务端免费版本 不用充钱的传奇私服 网通传奇私服网站新开网 传奇私服网站发布网中变 传奇私服网站刚开一秒 传奇私服单职业辅助免费版 传奇私服英雄合击网站 传奇私服网站发布网中变 传奇私服手游开服表